VISIT BY SABATI MEMBERS Gawai Dayak Festival : 26 June 2014 SABATI, comprising of the wives of Sarawak government ministers, paid a visit to Sarawak Cheshire Home on 26 June, led by Datuk Jamilah Anu, wife of the Chief Minister of Sarawak, as part of Gawai Dayak Festival 2014. In the delegation, also present, was Tan Sri Empiang Jabu. The spouses of all the Ministers of the State government and some personal assistants were present. The delegation was particularly interested in meeting the residents and seeing their handicrafts and also their ongoing activities, physiotherapy, arts and crafts, adult literacy. Some of the Staff were well known to our honoured visitors who were very happy to see them again. Datuk Jamilah and Tan Sri Empiang commented on the clean and cheerful state of the Home and expressed pleasure at the maintenance of the building and the efforts of the residents and also the good supervision and care of the residents of the Home and also the financial management of Sarawak Cheshire Home. They presented a cheque for RM5,000/ to the President of the Home towards the financial well-being of the organisation. A very delicious lunch was served and the SABATI guests and committee members and other guests mingled happily. The accompanying photos testify to the joy felt by the residents and our guests.