ANNUAL OPEN DAY : 6th July 2014
The most exciting event in the year was the Annual Open Day which was held on 6th July 2014. This was successful because of universal participation by the residents, the staff, the public and well-wishers. For several weeks there was great excitement because the residents and staff actively devised means to augment the sales of tickets and coupons and also welcoming the public participants. The sum raised was more than RM130,000 net the highest figure we have raised. The remarkable feature of this event was that much of the sum raised was by the efforts of the residents who participated whole-heartedly and with innovation for the sales of tickets. Our appreciation also to the members of the staff who valiantly rallied to sell coupons and also to welcome our guests on OPEN DAY. Open Day would be meaningless without the attendance of the public and the willing co-operation of well-meaning and generous donors who set up stalls for our fund-raising.. Their number is too large to list, but they have our gratitude and prayers for their well-being. Chesire Home President will, as usual, acknowledge their contributions to our cause at a reception.