The annual open day and charity sales of Sarawak Cheshire Home has been organized annually as a major fund raising event of the Home since 1970. The other objective is to provide an opportunity for members of the general public to visit and see for themselves the building, facilities, disabled residents and services provided by the Home. This year it falls on Sunday 3rd July 2016. For several months, the residents of Sarawak Cheshire Home had been making handicrafts cross stitched works ,beads, small cushions with their skilled fingers (within the limits of their handicaps). We have to remember that Cheshire Home is a refuge for physically handicapped people. The quality of their offerings left nothing to chance and the sales from their efforts showed the income for the Home was the highest ever. This is very satisfying for the residents. It shows that they also play an important role in the concept of Cheshire Home. The intention is not only to provide shelter and assurance for the residents, but also to restore confidence and hope for the handicapped that they can play a befitting role in our communities. Participants: Among the participants were business circles, religious bodies, individuals , families, kampong community, public organization and the residents. Around 65 stalls were there during the sales.

Items for sale
Any food items (preferably ‘halal’), drinks, and other articles such as handicrafts, second hand goods/clothes/books, etc, potted/ornamental plants, fruit seedlings, musical and entertainment items, etc are available for sale during the Annual Open Day.

Proceeds of sales
All proceeds of sales during the Annual Open Day are donated to the Home without any deduction of any costs or expenses incurred by the stall holders. This has been the policy of the Home. The Home also issue a letter of support to assist organizations/clubs/individuals to seek donations of food items and other goods for sale from corporate donors, etc. The following are the few stalls that took part in the open day highlighted just for information.

Religious bodies:
Bahá'í women’s and youth committee happily participated, manning a stall selling foodstuff and cookies. All the money obtained is offered to the Sarawak Cheshire Home as service to humanity. Some of the girls also wore their crimson T-shirts with the logo “Men and women are two wings of one bird: If one wing is weak, the bird cannot ………”

Kuching Buddhist Society also participated, manning a stall of vegetarian foodstuff and cookies.

Chin Daw Mothodist Church sold fresh cooked kueh tiaw and other cookies Sister of St. Francis of Sarawak also took part manning a stall selling fresh home bread and various other cookies.

Sarawak Hakka Community Association Women Section participated, serving in stall selling various foodstuffs, drinks and eggs. Sarawak Indian Society and the Sarawak Indian Women Asociation also took part selling Briyani rice with chicken /mutton curry, accompanied with chippati and Roti Canai.

Yahos Sdn Bhd participated with their staff and volunteers selling roasted honey chicken rice, coconut jelly, cream caramel and mee soba goreng. Cahya Mata Sarawak Management Services also took part with their staff and volunteers a stall selling various types of foodstuff, fruits, drinks etc. H & L Retail Sdn Bhd did their part by selling fruits, food packaging and Non food items. K- Link International Sdn Bhd occupied a stall selling cake, buns and various drinks.

Various Secondary School Interact clubs, St John Ambulance , Rotary Clubs, Leo Clubs etc also participated. I-System College with their students took part selling various foodstuff and drinks. International College of Advanced Technology with their students took part selling curry chicken, desserts, fresh soya drinks etc.

Mr. Sebastian Hong Kin Sin with his family members and friends took a stall selling paklo ducks, ka cang ma, etc. He also assisted in the selling of coupons. Miss Natasha and family occupied a stall with their various food and beverages.

Kampong Bumbok Community played their part in the sales by selling food items, fresh agricultural produce.

Sarawak Cheshire Home is overwhelmed by the great generosity and support of the public. Our grateful thanks to all stall holders, volunteers, voluntary, civic, uniformed bodies, the private and public sector and the mass media for their splendid contributions and generous support given to our fund raising event.